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Dear Members of the Muslim Association of Canada Community,

I would like to recognize the success of the Muslim Association of Canada’s campaign in support of Noor Gardens. This initiative will respond to the community’s need for prayer space, event facilities, a youth centre and a place to find essential mental, emotional and academic supports.

Noor Gardens could not be possible without the leadership of the Muslim Association of Canada. The Association brings together leaders in our community to provide services in holistic education and spiritual development. The Association reaches beyond London’s Muslim community to support families in our city regardless of faith or background.

In our Strategic Plan, my City Council colleagues and I have made “Strengthening our Community” a priority. Noor Gardens encapsulates the vision we have laid out for our city. We will work hard to create and foster vibrant, connected and engaged neighbourhoods, and a diverse, inclusive and welcoming community. Thank you to thedonors, volunteers and members of the Muslim Association of Canada who will make this initiative possible.

I am looking forward to Noor Gardens taking form with the ongoing support of the community and Muslim Association of Canada. The facility will provide much needed services to Londoners.


(Former) Mayor Matt Brown

And be steadfast in prayer; practice regular charity; and bow down your heads with those who bow down (in worship).

Surah Al Baqarah – Ayeh 43

About Noor Gardens

Noor Gardens, formerly the Southdale Project, is a London Muslim community initiative to address the current and future need for prayer space, multi-functional event space, daycare, youth activities space, educational and conference space along with space exhibiting Islamic Civilizations from around the world. The Project consists of a 13-acre (53,000 Square meters) parcel located on the corner of Southdale and Wonderland Roads. This parcel, in one of London’s fastest growing areas (one zoned for high-density buildings), provides the community with an exceptional opportunity to build its newest Masjid and community centre.